Snakeroot – Ageratina Altissima


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Snakeroot, scientifically known as Ageratina Altissima, is a versatile and attractive perennial plant that is native to North America. This plant often referred to as White Snakeroot, boasts elegant clusters of small, fluffy, white flowers and lush green foliage. Its ornamental appeal, coupled with its ecological benefits, make it a popular choice for gardens and landscapes.


Typical Uses

Snakeroot can be used in various ways to enhance your outdoor space:

  • Garden Borders: Plant Snakeroot along garden borders to create a striking visual barrier and attract pollinators.
  • Wildlife Gardens: Snakeroot’s nectar-rich flowers attract butterflies and bees, making it a fantastic addition to wildlife-friendly gardens.
  • Woodland Landscapes: Its adaptability to shade makes it perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of wooded areas.
  • Cut Flowers: Snakeroot’s lovely blossoms make for charming cut flower arrangements.

Establishment and Care Instructions

Caring for Snakeroot is relatively easy. Follow these guidelines for successful growth:

  1. Location: Plant Snakeroot in well-drained soil in either full sun or partial shade. It thrives in a variety of light conditions.
  2. Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during the plant’s establishment phase. Once established, it’s moderately drought-tolerant.
  3. Pruning: Prune the plant in early spring to encourage bushier growth and remove spent blooms to promote new flower production.
  4. Pest and Disease Control: Snakeroot is relatively resistant to pests and diseases, making it a low-maintenance choice for your garden.

Special Features and Usage

Snakeroot is not just a pretty plant; it offers a range of special features and uses:

  • Medicinal Uses: Historically, Native Americans used Snakeroot for its medicinal properties. It contains compounds that can help with pain relief and wound healing.
  • Ecological Benefits: This plant supports local pollinators, including bees and butterflies, making it a valuable addition to your garden’s ecosystem.
  • Naturalized Landscapes: Snakeroot’s ability to naturalize in various environments makes it a great choice for low-maintenance and eco-friendly landscaping.
  • Year-Round Interest: Snakeroot’s attractive foliage provides interest throughout the growing season, and its white blooms in late summer and fall add beauty to your landscape.

Enhance your garden or landscape with the beauty and versatility of Snakeroot – Ageratina Altissima. This native North American plant offers an array of uses, is easy to care for, and supports local wildlife, making it an excellent addition to any outdoor space.

Soil Moisture

Well Drained

Light Requirement

Full Sun, Partial Shade



Water Use



1 Gallon


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Snakeroot – Ageratina Altissima
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