Swamp Milkweed – Asclepias Incarnata

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Swamp Milkweed, scientifically known as Asclepias Incarnata, is a captivating and beneficial perennial plant that adds natural beauty to your garden while providing essential sustenance for pollinators. With its elegant appearance and ecological significance, this native North American plant has become a must-have for any eco-conscious gardener.


Easily grown in medium to wet soils in full sun. Surprisingly tolerant of average well-drained soils in cultivation even though the species is native to swamps and wet meadows. Plants have deep taproots and are best left undisturbed once established. Foliage is slow to emerge in spring.


Typical Uses:

Swamp Milkweed is not only an aesthetic gem but also a vital resource for both garden enthusiasts and wildlife enthusiasts. Its primary uses include:

  • Garden Attraction: Swamp Milkweed’s striking clusters of vibrant, rosy-pink flowers serve as a stunning focal point in any garden or landscape.
  • Pollinator Magnet: As a nectar-rich plant, it attracts a wide range of pollinators, including butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds, contributing to the overall health of your local ecosystem.
  • Monarch Butterfly Host: Swamp Milkweed is a favored host plant for Monarch butterflies, making it essential for those looking to support and conserve these iconic insects.

Establishment and Care Instructions:

Planting and caring for Swamp Milkweed is a breeze with these simple instructions:

  • Planting: Choose a sunny to partially shaded location with well-drained soil. Plant Swamp Milkweed in the spring or fall, spacing them 18-24 inches apart.
  • Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during the first year. Once established, it can tolerate periods of drought.
  • Pruning: Trim back dead or spent flowers to encourage continuous blooming and maintain a tidy appearance.
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Swamp Milkweed is relatively pest and disease-resistant, making it an easy-care addition to your garden.
  • Winter Care: Cut the plants back to the ground in late fall or early winter to help them regrow vigorously in the spring.

Special Features and Usage:

  • Butterfly Waystation: Create a Monarch butterfly waystation by planting Swamp Milkweed alongside other native milkweeds to support the entire lifecycle of these iconic insects.
  • Naturalize Water Gardens: Due to its preference for moist soils, Swamp Milkweed thrives in rain gardens and wetland areas, making it an excellent choice for naturalizing water features.
  • Cut Flower Arrangements: Bring the beauty of Swamp Milkweed indoors by using its lovely blooms in cut flower arrangements. They add a touch of elegance and natural charm to your home.
Soil Moisture

Well Drained

Light Requirement

Full Sun, Partial Shade

Water Use



Fall, Winter


1 Gallon


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